Impact of Corona Virus Covid-19 on DHA Quetta Smart City Phase-1 and Some Common Issues of Real Estate Sector

A huge number of Pakistanis associated with the Real Estate Business are badly affected by the Corona Virus Covid-19. Besides this, there are so many other problems and issues which presently this sector is facing, some of them are of very serious nature and Govt should take serious notice and action against them.

It is known fact that uneducated and illiterates real estate agents who claim to be professionals and act like the professionals and make promise with the respectable clients for the huge return, safe and secure investment and make commitment of huge profit in the future. But outcomes are different from the dreams shown by the dealers or real estate agents. Even in verse scenarios and in some cases real estate deals made without proper workings leads to fraud and unfavorable consequences which is actual serious threat to this sector. Many foreigners work abroad and come back to their native country and waste entire life savings in one go by investing in real estate sector and come up with bad experiences in this sector. Govt should take serious notice regarding this issue and should introduce new rules and regulations for the betterment of this sector. Similarly many untrained and inexperienced land developers and town planners are working in this sector. They are not delevoring socities in time, that is why people are loosing confidence in real estate sector. Govt should allow the developers to start their work after proper NOC from relevant authorities.

DHA Quetta is master piece project situated in Baluchistan after the approval of Act # X1 dated 2nd October 2015 from Baluchistan provisional assembly. However presently DHAQ is working under the supervision of GHQ. This project in nature of high quality, well organized, secure living, state of art, having sustainable infrastructure and bounded by the essential facilities of the life i.e. education, business environment, water, under ground electricity work, Roads network, equipped with proper water facilities and health facilities. In short, it has all those facilities of life which you think or dream for a peaceful and secure life are available in DHAQ.

Corona Virus badly affected the economy and specifically DHAQ as all public dealings were suspended due to Corona Virus Covid -19 as management of DHAQ was clear to save precious life of people on priority basis and all offices including Main DHA Quetta office, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices  were kept close in line with instructions issued by the Govt of Pakistan. In this period price of Affidavit file drastically drop down from Rs. 28 lac to Rs. 25 and still showing downwards trend although it is temporary phenomena but it shacked the confidence of investors. Experts are in opinion that confidence of investor will revive in DHAQ with passage of time and after the end of Corona Virus Covid-19 episode .Presently, they are not looking dramatic upwards trend or positive developments in this project in short term but they are convinced that it is diamond in long run.